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We understand that house cleaning is a very personal thing.

That is why our team will do their best not to disappoint you, handling everything according to your specifications and requests. 

residential & commercial cleaning services

one time - weekly - biweekly - monthly


after party


- Dust all surfaces.

- Wipe down wood furniture.

- Eliminate cobwebs.

- Clean floors.

- Clear dressers and side tables of

clutter as well.

- Clean lighting.

- Change bed linens.

- Take out the trash.


- Clean Tub/Shower thoroughly, remove

any stains, or mildew ( If possible).

​- Clean mirrors.

- Scrub clean sink.

- Remove all trash.

- Scrub clean toilet bowl inside, and out

including base, and behind.

- Clean all walls, and remove any mildew

build-up between tiles.

- Dust lights over the counter, and sink.

- Vacuum bathroom carpet(s), and mop floor.


- Clean inside and outside ALL appliances.

- Clean all countertops.

- Clean over the stove, and remove any grease build-up.

- Clean, and shine sink.

- Mop clean floor.

- Clean, and polish outside of the cabinets.

- Remove all trash.

- Remove any cobwebs.

- Wipe kitchen table, and chairs (including baby's high chair, and/or booster seat.


- Dust all picture frames.

- Dust all furniture.

- Remove any cobwebs.

- Dust all shelves.

- Dust all blinds and window sills.

- Dust all air vents.

- Dust all ceiling fans (that are within reach).

- Vacuum all carpeted areas.

- Vacuum and Mop hardwood floors.

- Clean all light switches.

- Dust all light fixtures.

- Wipe all banisters and rails.

- Dust all baseboards.

- Clean sliding glass door.

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